Happy Easter Bonne Paques

We hope you all had a relaxing Easter all things condsidered. We have been constantly busy here as we always are at this time of year but we have no opening date yet. The mobile homes are up and running with some maintenance jobs completed. I have always wanted to spend more time in the garden in Spring – be careful what I wish for eh? We ‘re having some lovely spring sunshine and have been able to sit outside until quite late some nights around the fire pit looking at the unpolluted night skies. We are staying in and doing as we are told just a weekly trip to the supermarket. We know we are so lucky to have all this space and we are thinking about those of you who do not have a garden to spend time in.

President Macron is speaking on tv tonight so we will know more later. Until then stay safe everyone and we are looking forward to your next trips to France…….