During June we were able to open the bar/restaurant at the weekends with extra covid protocols including handgel and masks. It took a little getting used to but feels like the new normal now. Although we do tend to shout at each other because for some reason you can’t hear very well when your mouth and nose is covered by a mask!The locals have supported us well and it has been great to see most people back in the bar throughout June. Up until July 10th howvever the campsite felt abandoned apart from a lovely week at the end of June when we had Dutch guests who eased us back into campsite life. On July 10th our first British customers arrived – owners of a mobile home who managed to escape the UK and come to their little piece of heaven in France. After that it was like a ball rolling downhill gathering speed, another owner, another arrival, then two then three then actual holidaymakers from England and Scotland. Children on the campsite. Obviously we went into panic mode – we didn’t feel ready – this usually happens in April not mid July in 26 degrees.

Now I am spending time working out what we can or can’t do at the campsite. We have managed a fish and chip night with a socially distanced quiz plus a visit to a local vineyard. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks but it is so nice to see people face to face again even I can’t hug them.

Happy Holidays