Bonjour! What a treat. One of the owners of our mobile homes agreed to be a guest blogger so here goes…….

Just about a week left of our “covid overdue” first visit of 2020. We reckon we must be passed our hundredth visit by now since we started coming some 22+ years ago. So what has it been like here now that we are all released from lockdown. Reassuringly familiar and possibly more relaxing than usual.

It has been good to see old faces and also some very old faces. Lots of impromptu, appropriately social distanced outdoor get-togethers. The familiar sound of the golf buggy approaching just after 5 p.m., shortly followed by the sound of corks popping. Even our neighbours, the site’s hellraisers, who never go to bed before 9p.m. and bicker constantly about whose turn it is to make the cocoa, cannot spoil the relaxed, laidback atmosphere. The pool and bar have been available to use or not, both pristine and welcoming.

So as usual, we have had a great time and it feels good to get back to normal. Why do we keep coming back? Apart from the fact we have paid the fees for the year, I’m not sure..

Pete’s fish and chips? Very possibly. Tracy’s karaoke singing? Definitely not. Perhaps you should ask our kids why they want to keep coming back with their own children and the many other families who have done the same. Alternatively, ask us again when we have completed our second century.